Asana is a powerful tool for dealing with our past (those issues held in our tissues).

For guiding us back from ideas and feelings of duality towards the truth and reality of our oneness. 

Pranayama is a potent method for dealing with the present. Breath work shifts our physiology faster than asana ever can in any number of potential ways. 

Breath and consciousness are two sides of the same coin. When we bring awareness to breath we become very present and very conscious. 

Making known what previously flowed through us unaware. 

It is in our meditation that we shape our future. It is our opportunity to shift from past habituations and conditioned emotional pains and limitations towards possibilities. 

It is in meditation that we learn to cultivate our inner-most listening, where we reconnect with Higher mind, Neutral mind, Self with a capital "S". 

Meditation doesn't have to be hard.

With this in mind we have put together four different guided meditations, each building on the previous to help you build your meditation muscles and truly start to invite in deep listening, complete calm, and equanimity. 

Each meditation is intended to be practiced for 7 days. 

Each week the meditation will increase in length. 

Even if you already have a strong meditation practice, we invite you to join us and perhaps mix up your normal routine. 

On the first day of the 30 day experience you will receive the first video meditation in your inbox and the next at the start of the next 7 days.