Here you will find practices to nourish your body and mind. Videos are categorized for easy access. You'll find Strength-Training for Yogis, Mobility classes, Yoga Asana practices, Mind practices, and more.

Yoga Asana


35 Minute Basic Flow: This short and sweet practice is all about the elegance of simplicity. A warm-up of modified Surya Namaskar A and B designed to support the breath followed by a sprinkling of laterals and back bends all designed to facilitate the flow of prana and your breathing. 


Strength-Training for Yogis


15 Minute back-body strengthening routine requiring no equipment. This short practice is designed to be a do-anywhere supplement to your other training and yoga practices. No equipment required, just you and a chair or bench. 




A short-telling of the story of Sita with an emphasis on the divine feminine. There are so many multi-faceted layers to these stories and so many different ways to approach them. This is just one. In future episodes expect to hear more about Rama, Hanuman, and more.