Why We Practice Yoga

Coming to our mats everyday is a privilege. 

 Marianne Weist Photography

Marianne Weist Photography

We are so lucky to have this practice. 

Asana, the postural practice of yoga, is an invitation to the embodiment of the broader teachings of yoga. Our bodies are a foundation, a gateway, a house. When our bodies are flexible, strong, mobile, and nourished, we are freed to tend to the matters of the heart and mind.

Similarly, as we cultivate a deep listening in our own bodies, we are practicing our listening and compassion for those around us. 

Our mats are a place to practice the shift away from reactivity and towards responsiveness. An opportunity and an invitation to become master observers of our own nature. To practice moving away from what is familiar, away from emotional patterning and behavioral tendency towards more conscious action and connection with our highest selves. 

As humans, it is not a matter of "if" we will get reactive but "when." As practitioners of yoga we are cultivating greater and greater levels of equanimity through challenging moments on the mat, so that when we are faced with challenging circumstances and tough conversations off of our mats, we can maintain this evenness, and choose our response from a place of compassion, love, and groundedness.  

Our mats are a training ground, a place to connect, a place to listen, a place to become students of our own nature. Master observers and intimate participants in our own lives.  

Getting clear about why we come to our mats everyday is critical for maintaining our daily dedication and commitment to the practice. So why do you practice? 

Here are my reasons for hitting my mat, may they inspire your own....

 I practice for kindness

I practice to connect with my innate inner wisdom

For my sanity

To have options for my behavior.

To connect with my highest self

For a radiant body...

And more importantly...

For a radiant heart

I practice for grace and elegance in my speech, my relationships, and my love 

I practice so that I might become an increasingly better listener both to myself and others

I practice for compassion...

In Yoga,