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Transform your yoga practice, transform your life.

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200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training
Koh Pha Ngan, Thailand September 2018



Yoga Alliance Accredited retreats and Yoga Teacher Trainings around the world rooted in classical yoga history and philosophy, modern personal training, and personal development and communication coaching.

We believe yoga should touch more than your body. We are committed to giving you the tools and practices to help you better navigate every area of your life. To show up as your most authentic self and to tap into your highest potential. 

Evolve with us. 




Immersive, retreat-style yoga teacher trainings in stunning settings around the world. 

These trainings are designed for both those wishing to deepen their personal practice and those ready to learn to share their passion for yoga with the world. 

Join a supportive, connected community of international teachers on a mission to share their love, authenticity, and skills with the world. 


Yoga Teacher Trainings


Upcoming Trainings

200 Hour Teacher Training
Thailand, September 2018

200 Hour Teacher Training
Costa Rica, November 2018

200 Hour Teacher Training
Costa Rica, February 2019


Relax, Explore, Play, Retreat, Practice. 

Join us for culturally immersive yoga retreats around the world. Whether it is trekking through the Himalayan Mountains, exploring the desert of Morocco, or relaxing on a serene beach in an exotic locale we have you covered. 

Escape the everyday and immerse yourself in daily practice.


International Yoga Retreats

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Goddesses in Greece Yoga Retreat | 2019

Join Selena Garefino and Hali Love on retreat in beautiful Amargos Greece. Together we will explore the mythic archetypes of the Goddesses of Yoga and how we can take this wisdom and apply it to our modern lives. Daily asana, meditation, and pranayama with loads of time for rest, play, and exploration.