3 0 0   h o u r   y o g a   t e a c h e r   t r a i n i n g

level 2, 300 hour yoga teacher training

Upon successful completion of Sarva Rasa Yoga’s Level 1, 200 HR Yoga Teacher Training or an acceptable alternative, teacher trainees may apply for our Level 2, 300 HR Yoga Teacher Training. Upon completion of the Level 2 Certification, graduates will be eligible to register with Yoga Alliance as a 500 RYT. 

300 HR programs are offered twice per year and may be completed module style. Meaning you may complete half of the program, or a week of the program at a time and return to finish within the span of 3 years. Or you may choose to complete a month long immersion. 

The Level 2, 300 HR program expands and builds on the teachings of the 200 HR course. Modules are 10 days and may be attended in any order. 

Mind (Module 1)

This module is focused on yogic philosophy, energetic systems of the body, myth and metaphor, examination of sacred texts, applying and integrating philosophy into your teaching. You will also learn tools for integrating yogic philosophy in a deeper way off of the mat and into your life. 

Movement (Module 2) 

In this module you will learn to effectively and safely teach intermediate to advanced asana. Advance your asana practice regardless of your current practice level with refined skills and drills. 

While respecting and honoring the foundations of yoga, in the 300 HR training we apply modern physical training techniques and the latest scientific movement research to our asana practice and teaching. We have learned so much about the body in the 100 years alone and this information is invaluable to any movement modality, including yoga asana. 

At the 300 HR level we build on the anatomy and physiology foundation established in the Level 1 Training and deepen your understanding of the kinesiology of asana, we introduce concepts such as myofascial lines and their role in movement and pathology. You will gain a deeper understanding of pathology and how to teach safely and efficaciously. 

You will also learn neuromuscular activation and adaptation strategies as they apply to yoga asana. 

Cultivation (Module 3)

In this module our focus is on teaching methodology and refining your voice, honing your teaching skills, and developing you as a teacher. In this module we will give you tools for personal and professional development. You will learn to refine your use of demonstration, the art of hands on adjustments, finding clarity in your voice and language, and being a dynamic and creative teacher. You will leave with an expanded tool kit for advancing your teaching. You will also learn the business of yoga and how to grow professionally and personally. 

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