Photo by Christos Tsitselis CTS Photography 

Photo by Christos Tsitselis CTS Photography 



Each day we'll be posting a video with a 5-15 minute guided pranayama and meditation practice. Pranayama (breath control) is the quickest path to experiencing physiological, emotional, and mental shifts. The breath is what we take away from our time on the mat. 

Breath and consciousness are two sides of the same coin. Our breath is most of the time an unconscious act. We don't have to think about, it just is. But like all habits, we can bring our awareness to the breath and make it conscious. Making what was once moving through us unaware a conscious act of attention. 

In addition to the physical and mental benefits, to work with the breath is to heal our attention. Attention is currency and breath work is a path to practicing how we're spending the currency of our attention. 

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Together lets breathe free. 

In yoga, 

Selena and Anwar